Ok, so here I am, sitting in my office at 11:22 pm (Sorry Boss, if you are reading this) thinking about how to cope up with all the changes going around. With no doubt I am learning new things but I am also having a hard time understanding each and everything. I don’t want to feel left out so I am trying to fit in. But the reality is I am just lost. Lost as in I don’t feel welcomed. People hardly talk to me or maybe I’m overthinking. Language is the biggest barrier I’m facing so far. This blog goes to all of my friends who work out of their comfort zones and come out of their shell each and every day to interact, trying to make friends. To be honest, I love talking and making new friends. I literally like the overcrowded places and lively people around me. And maybe that’s the reason I run to Beaches, Cafes or malls the first chance I get, which is like every weekend. Yesterday, I couldn’t take it. I came here for learn, my growth and I’m shit scared about it. I don’t want the learning curve to spiral down. I don’t blame anyone here. It’s me who is the odd one out. It was my choice. Nobody forced me. Nobody dragged me down with this. My family told me that I’m stressing over it and my one friend who is also a medical student told me that new places might trigger stress as I’m epileptic and that’s why I am having hard time coping up. But should I let this get on my way? My friend told me to go out, discover and keep learning. And yes, it is possible that I was being over emotional.

So, I’m not gonna fret, I am building new hobbies, so when I’m low, I’m simply gonna start reading of my own benefit cause once a very important person said that :

“if life is giving you lemons, and you made lemonade out of it and it is still sour, you keep diluting until it meet your expectations. Never settle. There’s always a solution.”