Hi folks! It’s been quite a long time, I haven’t written any blog but the thoughts are continuous and I keep making the mental notes that I’ll write one day but even on the off days I sometimes sweep things under the carpet and be lazy. Just-plain-lazy. You know what? I realized it effects my relation with my hobby. I never saw it before but now that I’ve read it a multiple times about this theory of how people simply wear off a hobby, it is starting to make more sense. It says that it’s because of our one of the vicious habits called “procrastination”. Now just chill, I’m not going to give you a lecture upon laziness cause I’m too lazy to do so. But while I was searching on this, trying to dig deeper, I came up with this personal theory of mine which I would call “Praise the Gaze” theory.

Now what it is all about? According to the standard dictionary, Gaze means “looking at something/someone with fixed eyes”. The theory is simple, if you find something fascinating, praise it. I realized that I’ve been practicing this theory for quite a long time. People don’t praise the things around them as much as I think they should do, I have noticed. Even if they love something, they’ll find something to criticize it and I’m not saying criticism is bad. I say, healthy scrutiny is always good but if something is so captivating for your eyes, just say it. I follow it more like a religion. And trust me, it helps a lot.

Coming to next segment, it is useful in your professional as well as your personal life. For the professional front, it gives you the ability to question “Is it influential enough?” if yes, then dive right in. If not, volunteer yourself to put your own ideas on the table. If you can’t do that, I’m sorry to say buddy, you need to get your mojo back instead of just finding the problems. You are not debugging the situation here. Same is with the personal life as well. You go out, meet someone, become friends with them and then wait endlessly for the other person to message first. It’s not just in India; I have friends from all over the world who have similar problems. Yes, it is a problem. Why? Because in this world of trial and error, our social media have tricked us into thinking that “It’s ok if you miss someone, you’ll find someone else.” Well, what if you just missed an opportunity to be friends with someone really amazing?

Here, I would like to mention my partner and my great friend, even when he gets intimidated by few of things I do, he takes out time to tell me how good I am doing in life and I guess  that’s what makes me feel good. This makes me feel more content to be honest.

I know people say that “Only you can make yourself whole” but Society plays a huge roles in our lives. No matter what you do, you would always want an appreciation. We are kind of statistics in someone else’s mind. People track, take notes, seek inspiration and see your inclining ladder in their heads without even knowing it. Since the inception of a human being, he/she is raised in a way, not to blame the society though, that we rank ourselves unintentionally. From school’s report card system till Work place’s Review meetings, it’s all about appreciation. If you’ll appreciate someone genuinely, that person will definitely feel motivated. Please note this shouldn’t be a false appreciation.

Now, this is successfully applicable for your hobbies as well. If you want to stick to your hobbies, be it painting, gardening, collecting coins or stamps, cooking, or blogging like me, then you have to praise it. Praise it as in the sense that you are in relationship with it. You have to take out time for it, appreciate it, and spend some time with it. If you’ll stop, it’ll wear off, if you won’t , it’ll blastoff.