You wake up everyday. Eyes wide open. You can hear the birds chirping. It’s a good day. You listen to you favourite song. You see your family and feel gratified that they are with you. The amount of love they shower on you is priceless. Never ending. Just like an ocean. And you are the precious pearl of that ocean. You do everything to make your friends and family happy but then comes a time when darkness of the night dawns upon you. When everything is silent, your mind,wide awake, starts to spin. You go back to the lanes of your memories which are filthy and you left them cause it was rotting. You ask yourself ” Why you keep coming back here?” You know the answer. You know that you are not the only one who is coming back here. You left another person here in these memories. This is your upside down (reference to Stranger Things). This is the place which still creeps into you when it’s dark and you are alone lying in your bed. Thinking about the time when you were only able to walk either forward or backward. But this upside down makes you go diagonal, criss-cross, in loops until your mind starts panting and puts you into sleep. It’s been years but you are not catching straight Zees. Your family can know the difference when you sleep “well”. They ask you “Why you are so extra-happy today”? You know inside that it’s not normal for them but it is surely for you. A Normal day like this, which you crave for. You might have been jolted out of your comfort zone which is a good thing but you still feel complete on the nights when your mind doesn’t wander in those filthy,rotting lanes.

Does anyone know that you don’t want anything bad for that person? You might feel icky but you simply want that person to realize that what they did was sordid. It broke your heart into million pieces. You don’t want to sound somber always, so you don’t show or talk about these things much. You are not that type of a person who exhibits happiness (or what we call it a Robotic-Charm) online. You might be prude in these things, but you were a real person. You have a real heart. You feel things and You don’t trust people that easily, now. So shout out to you that you loved,lost and loved again. You are still learning and you are still in the process of moving past these thoughts. You try to fight this melancholy inside you cause you got your own pearls to hold on to . To cherish them. Feel gratified. which is never ending. Like an ocean.