Clock’s ticking and we are simply feeling lost. Some are too planned and some are too lazy. Where’s the balance? You open your laptop to work ,check emails or Netflix and close it just to sleep. I know how does it feel when you have whole day to yourself but still got nothing for your own. So here’s I’m gonna suggest few pages/sites to check out while you are online.

Note: I’ve not been paid for the promotion of these pages (they’re my personal favourites) and I am not supporting piracy if this blog resonates so.

  1. Ocean Of PDF

As an avid reader, I miss going to the libraries and even online shopping for books. I personally don’t like Ebooks because C’mon, nothing beats the essence of those crisp pages but lately, this lockdown made me helpless and I explored this site and guess there’s hardly any book which is not available on this site. So a big thanks to the creators and curators of this amazing site.

2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy

Well, for Gamers, I know you all are hell bored of the same game you have played so far. Try this one. It’s Sci-Fi interactive video game. But before playing the game, do read the instructions and “How to play” manual otherwise you’ll end up frustrated.

3. Little Alchemy

This game is kiddish but fun. It’s for those kind of people who don’t want to read a book nor want to go into deep science. This is the kind of game I play when I simply want to learn as I play. It consists of 5 elements and you simply have to act like an alchemist to brew things up. e.g Land+ land is continent! How’s that for a start?

4. Lists of Note and Letterheady

From Letters of Martin Luther King to the letters of Rosa Parks, how the history took turns, this site says it all. If you are digger of History, then I believe this is your stop. These sites have a beautiful collection of Historical Letters as well as the amazing stationary we can take inspiration from (at least).

5. The Quiet Place Project

Well, In this lockdown you spend way too much time sitting at a desk and staring into a computer or a wall. I bet you have a deep relation with both. not judging. So this website will certainly be well appreciated. The only thing you will need to do is press your spacebar and read. Enjoy. It’s fun. Remember, pressing spacebar is important.

6. What3Words

The Geo-enthusiasm in people is good. The main aim of this company is to provide 3 words for your exact location or the location you provide. There’s an app as well. You can simply call and meet all your friends to that precise location using three words and forget telling ” come to the left, or turn around or jump”. e.g After lockdown, you can tell your friends to come down to “lately.proved.region” which is Starbucks in CP,New Delhi. It’s cool.

7. Flight Radar

Ever wondered how many planes are in the sky right now? Well, if you thought ” it’s Lockdown and we’ll only see a couple of steel birds out there, then YA BASIC!” Check it out now , only then we can estimate how many flights will be there when everything gets back to the way it was.

8. Make a Visionboard Online

Vision-board is a conception you visualize for your long term goals. Generally, it’s a tool which help you to focus,clarify and concentrate on your short and long term goals altogether. I’ve shared a link to my favourite site, Canva, but you all can use Pinterest (for ideas) and other online collage makers to make a visionboard. Mine is the featured image of this blog.

9. Carbon Footprint

As an environmentalist, I actually try a lot to reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can. This site will help you calculate yours and so that you can make conscious decisions from the next time. And please do spread the word about the carbon footprint. There’s always an another solution and to reduce the emissions. Let’s go Eco-friendly ya’ll. Also, practice Minimalism. Buy things which adds credit to your living. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff. Learn more from “” and .

10. Insta-Motivation

After everything, you can’t stay off from your Instagram, then let me guide you towards some really great accounts online which will make you wanting for more. It’s full of illustrations,poetry and ideas out of box.

  1. @anumation: A feminist theme through the lens of Sci-Fi and Humour.
  2. @itsnehalicious: Bringing stories to life and exploring the “fierce” in Indian Culture.
  3. @nimishabhanot: Talk back and challenge the societal norm for Women in our society.
  4. @sam_madhu: Bringing dreams to life. With off-course Vibrant colors.
  5. @bindionfire: Sharing the cosmic art of desi and yet savage. Don’t be surprised to know that you love neon.
  6. @idafrosk: Love art and food equally? Here’s a solution.
  7. @anamarques210376 : One of the most creative minimalist Instagram accounts I’ve come accross.
  8. @theculturegully: Exploring the unexplored India and giving motivation to many travellers across the globe.
  9. @voyagerinvogue : A creative feed full of colors, places to visit and loaded with inspiration. What else do you need?
  10. @feral__thoughts (my own page, cause why not!) : The name says it all. Whatever thoughts goes in my mind, I pen them down and voila!

If you have more ideas, you can write it to me via Insta or Email. Thank you. Bella Ciao.