Sheetal Bhadauriya

Let’s not talk highly about self. Born on 26th June in the early 90s. Brewing my life since then for great aroma and not just existing. There’s a difference. Ahem!

I have a big bag of Effs and give’em to Quality education, Women empowerment ,Peace and Environment.

Thanks for taking out your time and reading the blogs. Your feedback and comments are very essential to me so, keep’em coming.

Quick Intro:

  • Love: Protons.
  • Hate: Ajar Doors and unpopped bubble wraps.
  • Lust for: 𝝅
  • State of Mind: Liquid Sodium.
  • Language: Parsel Tongue.
  • Blood Type: Light Red, kinda orange i guess.
  • Fav Book: Ones with hardcovers.
  • Annoyed by: Rishta wali Aunties.
  • Happy with: You clicking on that “Follow” button.
  • Quote: “I’m so normal that people think I’m crazy“-Scarlett Fierce