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Is there a theme for the book?

The book is full of different moods. There’s no particular theme but I would say that the general public can relate to it.

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What is your book all about?

The mood of the poems has been brewed between the bitter to extreme joyous moments of life. I did not tried to tie them in the basement. According to me, emotional surges should not be kept in denial in our own minds.It only waters the plant of overthinking and leads to fungus in our heads for the people and ultimately depression. Bitter moments like Death, betrayal, heartbreaks and merriment experiences like revelation, achievements, life-lessons and hard work are all main themes that are highlighted in this literary work.

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What is the general mood of the book?

It’s all Mixed. Happiness, Sadness, Heart breaks, Crushes, Lust .. well everything you feel.

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What exactly you are trying to do via your poems?

The idea for these poems is to advise people to not be ashamed of your wild. Do not bottle up or conceal your thoughts but rather explore them as its only way to self and celebrate it. Your mind is all about the thoughts that are out of the box, a window or this Milky way galaxy (why to limit ourselves to a box, right?). So know them and discipline them if it needs to be.

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What’s your book is all about?

Thoughts are nothing but like the wild horses running in the open even when they are tied up in reality. We can’t control it. You can’t say it out loud. You don’t know how people would react to these thoughts. They will keep on running until we reach the state of calm which is very rare given the situation these days. Feral thoughts give readers the wings to open and accept the things going around to discipline them and to explore their own plight of expressions as they go through every piece of this literary work.

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Motivation for this book?

We keep on denying our present state of mind and never actually put it on the table. My motivation is to accept the facts and explore my own wild, discipline it and then never regret about it.

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Any significant objects or symbols or characters we should look into?

When I think about this book the only symbol I can relate to, is a Neon Trident making its way through the floral jungle. That’s how my personality is. Neon is the tint which can be seen even in the dark night, it got its own appeal and its stands out always.

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Where I can find this book?

The readers can find this book on official website of Notion Press ( ,,,, Flipkart, Ingram and Kindle edition is also available.