Hi Readers, on this Weekend, I am introducing you to a Website for which you’ll be thanking me soon. So, you’re welcome. Recently, when I was going through blogging platforms, I came across this page known as ” The Weekend Express!” (link on the title). What I loved the most was the fluidity of the posts about various topics. The content definitely didn’t knocked me on my face while I read it cause I am a sack and trust me, I need motivation to move and change my lifestyle for good. Rather than serving as a basic advertisement for multiple topics that shows readers a product, The Weekend Express aims to engage and delight a reader by offering them something that relates to the situation and providing them with practical solutions as well. When the readers go through the blog, they receive a reward of not only interesting content, they might be even more likely to trust this brand and become a engaging reader like I’ve become.

So, to dig more on to this blog, I contacted the writer of the page. Let’s get to know him and his journey. Read along!

Akshay Gund: Content Writer

The Weekend Express is all about health, fitness, productivity, lifestyle and somewhat about photography.

People would expect a lot of facts about their health, how they can maintain themselves, how they can keep themselves fit, etc. Readers can also expect some psychological and philosophical facts about being and staying motivated, about being successful, about being productive, ideas to earn money online. The main aim is to motivate people to see themselves from a great perspective and how they can achieve things they want and how to live life to the fullest.

What’s Your Story?

From a very small age, I was a very outgoing kid, who loved to be in nature, had a great interest in animals and technology simultaneously. I was very lucky that my childhood was not spent hovering over gadgets and internet as compared to the kids, nowadays. We (Me along with my friends) started with the sunrise and were out until sunset, playing what not. That’s where I learned a lot and gained experience about human behaviour. I learned to fail and deal with it, I got hurt (physically) and stood up the very next second and did what I aimed for. I took a lot of denials, rejections from my parents and friends and was uncomfortable, but kept a good outlook with that.

In my teenage, I loved to photograph the fauna to great extent and learn about them. Though I never had a camera of my own, I managed to win a lot of photography competitions, I used to love athletics. I completed my bachelors in Zoology and my post-graduation in GIS (Geographical Information System). From the day I left college, I was working with a company in Thane (Mumbai) and served almost 3 years.

While the lockdown was declared, I was irritated and confused about my future and honestly speaking, I never imagined myself working for someone for my entire life. My elder cousin had said it to me once, “You’re not meant for a desk job.” It was not more than 2-3 months that I’ve started with, The Weekend Express, I resigned from my company. I remember it was my birthday and my last working day in the organization. No, I am not earning from my blog. Yet.

It was a very big decision for me to quit working with an organization while most of the people in the world were been fired from their jobs and the economic situation for the country was not good as well. It still isn’t. It’s still a tight rope walk but I believe in myself.

What Motivated You To Start This Blog?

It might not be fair if I don’t mention about what content, people were consuming over the internet because every person who abused each other in front of camera, would get famous and that personally is very inelegant way to create content. Creators spread a lot of negativity around and people are actually consuming it. That creep me out and in that specific moment, I decided to spread at least some positivity and motivation around.I got my own domain and hosting and that’s when GundaMantri was born.

When Did You Started Writing This Blog?

It was the very first lockdown of the decade, something almost none of us might have imagined would happen and I had already tried things like modelling, photography, cinematography, acting, corporate events, property events, working in an event company, bar events, been a personal trainer in gym, guided people with proper diets, tried YouTube and was also working for a Multinational Company. I always wanted to try new things, Whomsoever I had a conversation with, was without an idea about what to do during the lockdown and how to spend the entire day siting home. So, the eureka moment came and I thought about sharing some of my ideas with people, however, didn’t know much about how could I share this with them.

One Last Thing You Want To Convey To Your Readers?

I definitely have some things that I would like to convey to the readers. If you’re reading this article today, next month, next year or after a couple of years. Remember to cherish this moment. Life is too short to complain about things if they don’t go according to how you wanted them to. Always stay positive no matter how hard the situation is. Things, sometimes don’t work out according to your shell but keep trying. Follow your interests. Don’t let anyone tell you, who you are. Re-Invent yourself. Don’t talk about enemies and waste time. Keep yourself healthy, both mentally and physically. Do what you like and not what you’ve been told to. Follow your gut. Things happen. Learn from failures. Don’t give up. Keep trying consistently and you would get whatever you wish for.

Don’t live without aims and dreams. You have your lifetime to smoke and booze. These are just distractions which may pull you off track and would keep you far from your dreams. Always remember to start your day with a smile and end your day being grateful to people. Life is amazing if you change your perspective.

Akshay Gund

That’s all folks!