Well, we all want to feel special in one way or the another. We all have chanted our highs on our social media that how highly people thinks of you so that no one else “dares” to feel the same for you if they are looking at your profile for the first time.

For the people who don’t use social media, this is done by saying highly of themselves when they are with their people. I mean, it’s good to share but to keep on going like a narcissist, well we sure don’t want that!

So, shall we define what’s Specialness is?

It’s a seed that you sow right from the beginning and you water it, watch it grow and when time comes everyone can see it how beautiful that tree has become. (Bad example, I know) But that’s how it is. It is not something you are born with. Stop telling people that you are special until they do something to earn that respect of yours.

As in the book ” The Rudest Book Ever” , Shwetabh Gangwar writes stop telling your children whether your child is special or not. Let the child earn his own badge of honour. Specialness is not just about trophies and satchels.

As 2020 has come to an end, let’s strive to become ourselves. Let’s just stop trying to impress or trying to prove your worth to the world. Instead, prove it to yourself how special you are, take the directions from the people and mentors around you but NEVER,EVER try to become like them otherwise you won’t be “special” anymore. Would you?

Listen to your friends, Talk more, share. EVERYBODY’s hurting but some people accept reality and make peace with it (The realists) by sharing it, talking it out and solving it . On the other hand, some people can’t help it and keep making the fuzz about it. They sit on their problems, never come out of their comfort zones and keep on counting the number of likes on social media (as if it would help). Don’t be the latter one.

Don’t fall for ” likes for likes” , “follow for follow” trends, Don’t seek for empty validations, ask for critics and lastly, keep giving 1000W Smile to everyone out there! Trust me, laughter IS contagious and this world definitely need it. Happy Holidays!

Rating: 5 out of 5.