Let’s start with a simple question: How many people see a woman in really short clothes that make them uncomfortable? Most of them would raise their hands. Yes. I know. Because we see this every day. Now, On the other hand, How many of us see a guy in his bare minimum clothes? Well, a few maybe. Well, because they can’t AND they are not allowed to as well which is a good thing actually. But we still see cases of men showing their genitals in public places making girls uncomfortable. Coming back to the other side of the coin, let’s talk about girls who flaunt way too much in the name of “EQUALITY”.

Disclaimer: This Blog strictly revolves around people showing too much skin and relating it with feminism.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m a feminist so I believe in equality. Talking about equality, Celebrities nowadays are wearing translucent/ transparent even, apparels, going about, doing world tours to justify themselves as “Stronger” or “More Fierce” whereas according to the IPC Act, it’s prohibited for men to show or send their nudes without the consent of a woman he is close with. (Yes, go and check it).

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It makes me and I believe, a lot of people uncomfortable when you see anyone on TV (say Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus, or talk about the song WAP) almost naked and your parents walk in. (If you’re born in a Brown household, it’s super embarrassing). Why the difference? Why they are so obsessed with showing every bit of their body?

If it has to be done, it has to be in a very subtle and elegant manner. Nowadays, I see people are not just screaming but standing on the top of the mountain-echoing their voices-bleeding their lungs out- for attention. There are so many people I follow on Instagram and they post their intimate/ seductive pictures and they do it so beautifully that they are my inspiration.

Marilyn Monroe setting examples

To be honest, it’s a bold action to step out and wear something you feel comfortable in but don’t overdo it. Always try to blend in. In India, there’s a saying ” Jaisa Des, Vaisa Bhes” means ” Blend in according to the place”. Showing cleavage, legs, hips, thighs whatever, is awesome! One step towards feminism. Yey You! Stand against men who try to see women any less smart on the basis of clothes (I hate this prejudice) But the real question is “How much should be revealed? Will the majority of people around me feel uncomfortable?” That’s the real art and that’s where the elegance lies.

Also, people would say “Why should WE change? ” And “Why can’t society around us change? “. So let’s understand this as well, all of this happens gradually. We have come long way from dressing up head to toe to the 21st century’s star stickers on the nipples you see on TV. (Ref:Miley Cyrus, also I don’t hate her.. She simply ruined my childhood lil bit) Anyway, Do we really have to do that? Give society a motive, cause to change. Like development. Skirts gave women so much ease that no saree could do in those times. Easy to wear and wash. Then, came the shorts. Comfy and home-like. What’s next? Can we go any further? we can’t. (Although, we can be stylish) We definitely can’t roam around naked like most of the celebrities out there. We have to give Society a MOTIVE or CAUSE to change for our own good. The society will simply deny your changes. And there will be huge gap between generations which you can see already happening and accelerating day by day. Again, just to point out, NO guy has the RIGHT to catcall you or touch you inappropriately no matter what you wear. Because at the end, you are a girl and CONSENT is always important. So please, don’t take this blog to that point.

Now, some people would say, “There’s nothing wrong with being naked and celebrate humankind “, Yes. You are also right but earlier when early people used to roam around naked, we shouldn’t forget they weren’t following monogamy either. There were no rules, no prenups, no constitution in the first place. Men, Women all were indulged in polyamory. Polyamory helped foster strong networks, where it became everyone’s responsibility to look after children. As Christopher Ryan states: “These overlapping, intersecting sexual relationships strengthened group cohesion and could offer a measure of security in an uncertain world.” and to do this they had to stay like that, naked, just like animals from the wild attract each other.

But, since we have changed to a Monogamous society, rules have changed. Monogamy is still a new concept to society and maybe that’s why people have affairs. Men, Women, Our brains are still evolving and trying to fall for one but in reality, we know that we marry someone, develop a crush on someone later, yada yada. That’s another topic I can write upon. (later) We have come so far. My question is: Why go back? Let’s flaunt these “skin-show” skills with more grace (Men, Women, Trans everyone) because: