The last blog I wrote was from July and I never posted it. I was way too sad. Felt more like a loser back then. There are things I can’t explain. Currently, things are different. Good different. The first few months were obviously supposed to be hectic. I didn’t know why I was so hard on myself. I did not know so many things back then. Man, I feel like I am a different person. It’s a whole journey. 360° turns, tbh.

So this year, let’s make a resolution list to make this year better. I never had a resolution list, but I want to keep a few this year.

1. Finish at least 5 books this year. I mean, my bookshelf deserves this. I have exactly five books with me, unread. I need to finish them.

2. To invest a bit more. Be more financially stable.

3. To explore a few more places in India. At least two.

That’s all. I guess it would be enough to make my year good.