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The Journey Begins

Hi Readers,

There’s always a chance of failure. No one is too big, or too good to fail. And this page is all about addressing thoughts about you, me and Us. I believe in learning and rising above my flaws to the best of my abilities. I hope you enjoy as much as reading it as I enjoyed writing it.

The only thing is allowed to drop here is my mic. Yes, I said it first here! I am pouring my heart out here, Whatever I feel, whatever I believe in, It’s all out here. If you feel like joining in with me, then you contact me and we will introduce you to our guest blogs/poetry.

– “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” 😄

“Laugh harder, that’s the only loud bang you want to hear! ” — Scarlett Fierce


Dive into the collection of poetry for all the people out there going through turbulence or need deep insights for better life.


There’s so much happening around us and we can’t simply put a blind eye to it. We need to focus on the things which matters and that’s why I write. Anything and Everything.

What People Say

“From deep buried emotions to business as usual societal attitude, Feral Thoughts let the readers wander in the spellbound poems.. Her wordplay can be resonated by everyone of us.”

Renu Martolia

“Sometimes you have a floating thought,which can be utterly stupid or miles deep- this blog personifies that thought process in an e-format. Greatly engaging. I love to read here.”

Sonal Bhadauriya

“Our mind is an ultimate and abstract combination of emotions, people, colors, vibe, voids, that breathes more often than humans. These breaths in a way uplift and feed the core. So breathe in for your power. “

Arundhuti Dey

With the shades even unknown to her, she is trying to paint this life. Let her walk you through this modern Louvre, which speaks about women & men,capering around in her canvas.

Nayan Kale

“Sheetal’s excellent writing skills allow her to connect with all kind of people and inspire them to put in their best efforts in their work. “

Ruchika Parcha

Feral thoughts– an elucidated life journey of a Woman who met hurdles, who surpassed failures, and who smiled at betrayal.Thoughts were fuming and words were on fire, she doesn’t even bothered what next in her life.It’s a poetical treat with a hint of fast rap, she opens her mind to question what she felt not right. Pen is sharper than Sword, her will is Wilder than God.

Sooraj Nambiar

“Sheetal puts her perspective creatively on her blog ‘Feral Thoughts’.I see an artist in her,who loves to sing,dance,read,listen to music & what not! An accumulation of all her interests can be observed in her words. I think it’s commendable to see her writings across different topics that affect us all. Her blog is an example of how thoughts can bring a positive change in our society and value system. I wish her the best in all the efforts that she is making regularly.”

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


©Feral Thoughts Foundation is a page where I wander away from the “Noise”. Take a look through the gallery of Blogs and Poetry penned straight out of my mind in the middle of the night and feel free to reach out to me.

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